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First Overseas Team Member is Special

We are elated to announce our first overseas participant in the SPF 1000 Mile Walk 2021. It is someone very special to the SPF family.

Dr Anil Vaidya, a name that may ring a bell with some SPF supporters. Anil was the surgeon consultant who operated successfully on Steve Prescott performing the World's first ever multi visceral transplant operation for a patient with Pseudomyxoma, in 2013. Sadly, Steve passed away three weeks later as a result of Graft Versus Host Disease, but he was cancer free.

The SPF, through Trustee Linzi Prescott, have continued to remain in contact with Anil and supported his great work on Pseudomyxoma and Cancer research.

Anil left Oxford Churchill Hospital early 2015 and moved to Chennai where he continued as a Transplant Surgeon. Anil will now be attempting the SPF 1000 Mile Walk 2021 Challenge in Cleveland USA, where he is continuing his great work.

Linzi Prescott said “It is fantastic to have Anil on board with this challenge, supporting the SPF. Anil’s forward thinking and faith in Stephen gave us hope and positivity in our darkest days. His courage, along with That of Stephen, has now led a path for other Pseudomyxoma patients to follow.

Anil Vaidya “It is my honour and privilege to be able to take part in a SPF challenge, I have always been tempted but never quite had the time to sign up and commit.
Steve Prescott was remarkable, one person I will never forget. He had such remarkable resilience and was the most determined and inspirational man you will ever meet. He realised that the best chance of beating Cancer was to get in the best physical condition as possible, even when he was really poorly he made sure he cycled at least 15km on the exercise bike in his room.
I am not surprised his charity has gone from strength to strength, Linzi shared Stephen’s belief and courage, what Linzi has achieved is also inspirational, they are a wonderful family.

The Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF) has been a registered charity since its inception in 2007 and has always relied on the amazing support of our volunteers to raise funds and awareness for our chosen charities The Christie and Rugby League Benevolent Fund.

At this moment in time over 400 Athletes have signed up for the SPF 1000 Mile Walk 2021 with over £10,000 raised.

If you want to join Anil and the SPF family please register at