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The Steve Prescott Foundation would like to congratulate all the runners who took part in the 5th St Helens 10k Run on Sunday 8th March. A record 1740 runners completed the race in wet conditions, but the spirits weren’t dampened as they encountered the tough course which started and finished at Langtree Park. The UKA affiliated event was won by John Ashcroft of Liverpool Harriers AC in a time of 32minutes and 36 seconds. Sarah Cumber from Halifax Harriers crossed the finish line in 38:27 to lift the womens crown.

The event takes a massive amount of planning and cooperation of so many people and is a credit to the community of St Helens. The organising committee have worked tirelessly to ensure a successful and safe event.

Special thanks go to main sponsors GPW Recruitment for their continued support of the annual event. Thank you also to sponsors St Helens Community Sport Activation Project and to St Helens Council. A massive thank you to St Helens RFC who facilitated the use of Langtree Park, media partners St Helens Star!

The event was supported by, CMH Cars, Vinyline, St Helens Council Events Team, St Helens Striders, Spirit Health Club Holiday Inn Haydock, Run Geek, TDL Event services, ISecure, Imperial Exiles, AG Barrs, Timpsons, Cadbury Outlets, High Five and Bartons Pickles, Friends of Victoria Park.

Big thanks to MC for the day Sky Sport’s Fraser Dainton. Music at the stadium was provided by Jamm Studios, featuring The Patriots and The Central. Megan Lunt, Aimee Critchley and Parr Brass Band entertained the runners on route. Thank you all.

A special thank you goes to all 74 wonderful volunteer marshalls without whose support this great community event would not happen.

Click here to see results and veiw the gallery below.

  • 28 [1600x1200]
  • 32 Ant Yound with Chris O'dea [1600x1200]
  • 31 [1600x1200]
  • 30 [1600x1200]
  • 25 Hercules The Hornet [1600x1200]
  • 37 Linzi and Neil Prescott [1600x1200]
  • 24 [1600x1200]
  • 36 Andy Bowden [1600x1200]
  • 29 On the right is Former Leeds and Great Britain Rugby Player Keith Senior [1600x1200]
  • 35 [1600x1200]
  • 20 Ant Young [1600x1200]
  • 34 [1600x1200]
  • 27 [1600x1200]
  • 33 [1600x1200]
  • 26 The Central [1600x1200]
  • 40 The Central [1600x1200]
  • 23 [1600x1200]
  • 39 The Last Runner David [1600x1200]
  • 22 [1600x1200]
  • 38 The Last Runner [1600x1200]
  • 21 [1600x1200]
  • 18 [1600x1200]
  • 17 [1600x1200]
  • 16 [1600x1200]
  • 12 [1600x1200]
  • 11 [1600x1200]
  • 19 Mayor and Mayoress of S.Helens [1600x1200]
  • 5.1 [1600x1200]
  • 7 [1600x1200]
  • 6 [1600x1200]
  • 10 [1600x1200]
  • 9 [1600x1200]
  • 8 [1600x1200]
  • 15 Wish FM's Chris Milo [1600x1200]
  • 14 A friend of mine [1600x1200]
  • 13 [1600x1200]
  • 4 [1600x1200]
  • 5.5 [1600x1200]
  • 5.2 [1600x1200]
  • 5.4 [1600x1200]
  • 5.3 [1600x1200]
  • 3 [1600x1200]
  • 2 [1600x1200]
  • 5 [1600x1200]
  • 1 [1600x1200]

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