This involved walking 40 miles over the North Yorkshire Moors in less than 24 hours.  Here's Jill's account of the experience:-

The minibus set off from Hessle to Osmotherley (start point) at 1.30am in the morning and we reached there at 3.30am. We set off walking in first light at 4am and finished the walk 18 hours and 14 minutes later (including breaks and stops at checkpoints) at 10:14pm so we went nearly 24 hours without sleep by the time we all got home.  Only one person dropped out due to injury so 8 out of the 9 of us completed the walk.  Most of us were struggling the next day with aches and stiffness ( personally stairs and me were not friends for a couple of days!)  and one said 'it felt like he'd been beaten with a large stick!'

The support we got from Foxy vehicles and the Hewick family who drove them for us was outstanding and really kept us going and we all can't thank them enough for giving up their time to help us out with the walk.  The walkers were amazing and the spirit and mental and physical  toughness they showed was fantastic and I am proud to have been able to walk with such fantastic people.'     Donations can still be made at

Congratulations for finishing the walk well within your target time and for raising funds and increasing awareness of the SPF.