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Fern Cloudsdale

Age: 27

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: The SPF is very close to my heart! My mum had Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. After a few tough years when all traditional treatment failed she followed Steve’s path of a pioneering multi organ transplant, this gave her/us the hope she/we wanted & needed, therefore I would like to show my appreciation to the SPF! The operation was a success; however she sadly passed away in 2015. She gave this awful disease a true fight, showing courage, determination and strength throughout!!! I am doing this for my Mum xxx

What are you most looking forward to: Achieving the overall objective of raising awareness & vital funds for the SPF, reaching Base Camp & Kala Patthar while creating more memories with a close friend of mine (Sam) and new friends. Oh and not forgetting.... celebrating our achievement in the Irish Bar on the way back to down!

What are you least looking forward to: The flight into Lukla, potential altitude sickness and not being able to shower daily & straighten my hair! This will be way out of my comfort zone!

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Instagram Page: @ferncloudsdale

Interesting/Amusing fact about you: My Life