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Moz and Moz run the MBNA Chester Marathon 2016 for the SPF

Rugby league legend and SPF ambassador Adrian Morley – Moz – is running the Chester Marathon with brother Chris on Sunday 2nd October. Moz has now retired from rugby league after a glittering career when he won every major trophy at club level for Leeds Rhinos, Sydney Roosters, Bradford Bulls and Warrington Wolves and captained England and GB with distinction.

Older brother Chris Morley started his career at St Helens playing from 1994- 97 before moving to Warrington and later several other clubs and was a Wales international. Chris is a Challenge Cup winner of the 1997 St Helens side which included Steve Prescott.

Ade says,

‘We both had the pleasure to play alongside Steve Prescott during our careers, and were inspired by what he went on to achieve by setting up The Steve Prescott Foundation. 2016 has seen the foundation break through £1million in fundraising, and we are both proud to have been part of events over the years.

So, to use Steve's saying of “A challenge isn't a challenge, unless it’s challenging " we have decided to take on the Chester Marathon this coming October.’

‘And for those who know us, this is not an easy thing. Chris has ran a marathon before, but I’ve never ran more than the length of a rugby field. Training has started, and as expected, IT HURTS ! So please do support us and the foundation, as every penny and pound raised does make a difference in changing lives, and saving lives.’

Ade did actually run a Half Marathon in Warrington in 2009, but that was when he was captain of Warrington Wolves and in peak condition and fitness. However a full marathon for the now retired player is a new challenge.

Adrian is an official Guinness Book of Records World record holder being one of the SPF party to play the World’s highest altitude game of rugby league on Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2015.

The trustees of the SPF would like to express their gratitude for the fantastic support of the Morley boys and wish them  both  all the best in their challenge.

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