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Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountains Trek 2020

13th October to 26th October - Introduction

We will fly out from Heathrow late on the 13th October and land in Cusco on the 14th spending 2 days to acclimatise before starting the trek on the 16th Oct.

This challenge you will enjoy stunning views of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, wildlife, and the amazing Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains, all ending with a tour of Machu Picchu. You’ll see the highest peak (Ausangate 6,385 m/20,948 ft) in the Cusco region. This adventurous trek is approximately 100 km/62 mi and goes up to 5,400 m/17,716 ft. Ausangate is an excellent and quiet/remote trekking circuit offering stunning features such as spectacular mountain scenery, snow-capped peaks, hot springs, turquoise lakes, glaciers, herds of llamas, alpacas, and wild vicuña, picturesque villages, and traditionally dressed Quechua people.

This is a moderate to challenging trek, not technical, with several high passes and below freezing nights.

This beautiful 9 day package starts in the small Andean village of Tinqui and takes you around Ausangate mountain and over multiple high passes. It is essential to be properly acclimatized for this hike, spending at least two or three days in Cusco (or equivalent altitude) before starting. The campsites are at high elevations and therefore will be quite cold in the evenings

Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountains Trek 2020 - Full Information

Payment Options

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  • Self Funded

    Full amount of £4700 to be paid by the following dates
    £300 Deposit - Immediate Payment £2200 to be paid by 1st June 2020 £2200 to be paid by 10th August 2020
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  • When does the trek take place?

    The trek will take place from 13th Oct – 26th Oct
  • What do I have to do to take part?

    Simply send an email to and we will then be in touch with further details.
  • How can I reach the fundraising target?

    We know that committing to raise a specific amount can seem a bit daunting which is why our team are here to support you event step of the way. We’d recommend starting off by creating a JustGiving page and sharing this around family, friends and colleagues. You’ll then need to think about organising some events to help bring in additional funds: bake sales, quiz nights and family fun days are some events previous supporters have organised.
  • What if I can’t raise the minimum sponsorship & dates to pay in your sponsorship by?

    We will provide you with lots of ideas on how to reach your target, our events team will also be on hand throughout to offer support and advice. However, if you do not manage to raise £2200 by 1st June you will either have to forfeit your place on the challenge or make up the shortfall yourself. You’ll have until 10th August to pay in the remainder of your fundraising.
  • Who organises the trip?

    The trip is organised by Kila Expeditions and Accelerate Coaching
  • How fit do I need to be?

    Killa Expeditions advice is that you need to have a reasonable level of fitness in order to take part, but you do not need to be ‘super fit’ or a professional athlete! It is suggested that you slowly build up your fitness levels in the lead up to your challenge.
  • What will the hike be like?

    The challenge has been graded as moderate to challenging. The hardest part will be flying straight in to altitude, that is why you will have two days in Cusco to acclimatise.
  • Where will we stay while hiking?

    You will be staying in hotels before and after the trek and camping during the challenge.
  • Why is the registration fee non-refundable?

    The registration fee forms part of the total challenge cost and is used by Kila Expeditions to process your registration, vet your medical form and also to secure suppliers linked with your challenge. It is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another participant under any circumstance. We strongly suggest you obtain travel insurance immediately after registration, to cover this cost element of your challenge.
  • Is there any training?

    You need to be of a reasonable fitness, the SPF will be arranging altitude chamber sessions that all the group will be able to attend for a small fee.
    We will also be tackling the Yorkshire Three Peaks on Sept 4th – 6th which will be free of charge for all MP participants. You will only have to pay for your accommodation.
    You can seek advice from our partners Accelerate Coaching at any time.
  • What about travel insurance?

    For international events travel insurance is compulsory.
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