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GPW Recruitment St Helens 10k Run

The late Captain Sir Tom Moore is a source of inspiration for the organisers of the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Virtual Weekend on 6 & 7 March 2021. His famous quote “Tomorrow will be a good day” as shown on the event T-shirt will hopefully motivate participants as they run 10K, possibly including the steep North Road as part of their route.

Also included is a state of the art app from TDL Event Services with a range of interactive features that tracks the individual runner and provides them with useful information about their virtual 10K. Friends and family follow their progress using this app and compare the finish times displayed on the leaderboard.

As a result of the ongoing situation with Covid-19 a decision was made to switch from an actual race to a virtual where participants have the choice of running on Saturday or Sunday; their own course, start time and whether to run solo or with their child or another person in their household. Government advice is to stay local and for anyone who lives near to North Road they can run this as part of their route and as a test of their lockdown training.

This race was set up by Steve Prescott MBE to improve people’s health and wellbeing and as these have come under pressure during the pandemic, an event such as this is a stress reliever on many levels.

Participants sign up before Monday 15 February to receive their virtual St Helens 10K T-shirt which they are encouraged to wear on the weekend 6 & 7 March.

Martin Blondel on behalf of the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10k Run said “Like many run organisers we are naturally disappointed that the St Helens 10k cannot not take place as normal but we are excited for the Virtual Weekend on 6th/7th March. It is so important that we delivered a product that would be worthy of continuing the greats man Steve Prescott MBE vision of improving the health and well-being of not just the St Helens community but also on a worldwide scale. Thanks to TDL Events Services and Real Time Remote Racing we are able to do that and look forward to athletes and the rugby league family from all over the globe joining us for the virtual weekend.

It is also an opportunity for children over 8 to also take part and it is fantastic that families will also be able to ease the boredom of lockdown by getting fit and active.”

It is £19 to enter and includes a Technical T Shirt! Sign up here:

2021 GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K | Online Entries