Taylor & Koby get their hands dirty by laying the first bricks!

Thanks to a £80,000 donation from the Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF) through the Rugby League Benevolent Fund Luke Bryan will move into a specially adapted home in Haydock. The Rugby League Benevolent Fund, one of the charities supported by the SPF, helps players who have been affected by serious injury.

Claire Place had a similar transplant operation pioneered by Steve Prescott

Steve Prescott's fund-raising while battling cancer won him many admirers far beyond rugby league. He was also the first person in the world to have high-risk, revolutionary transplant surgery just before he died: his doctor says "he carved a path where there was none .. achieved a result on a cosmic scale for patients."Watch our exclusive report - as Steve's wife Linzi meets the first person to have the procedure successfully - saved thanks to her husband's bravery.