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Sean Perry

Age: 31

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: Firstly I have so much respect for what the Steve Prescott foundation is, and for the great man himself for what he achieved, it's an honour in itself to take on this challenge in his name. My own family's experience with cancer, my dad has beat cancer twice, bowel and prostate, he didn't complain through any of his treatments, he just got on with things, so this is for him also!

What are you most looking forward to: What a personal achievement it will be, I'm a keen traveller and can't wait to experience the beautiful Nepalese mountains. Also sharing it with a team of likeminded people and of course my brother Ross and good friend Mike

What are you least looking forward to: I've never really been at altitude of this type, so I'm a little nervous of how I'll cope with it, I class myself as pretty physically Fit being a PT but I know this is a completely different ball game.

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