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Ross Perry

Age: 27 (28 by time of challenge)

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: Having taken part in a similar though nowhere near as challenging climb of Mount Meru I have always thought about testing myself further, so when Mike Parr came to me to say he was getting involved in the challenge I immediately asked could I be part of it. My dad has been a regular fundraiser for the Foundation in the annual 10K having overcome a recent bout of prostate cancer he saw Steve and the foundations work as a real point of inspiration and I thought it would be fitting that his two sons (Sean my brother is also taking part) continue that. To be part of a truly awe inspiring challenge and doing it for such a worthy cause, I honestly couldn't think of a reason I wouldn't want to 'Kill the Hill'

What are you most looking forward to: The view and the sense of achievement once we reach our destination

What are you least looking forward to: Carrying Michael Parr when his little kermit legs finally give way... on Day 2

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