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Cara Brickwork I'm a Precky Fan!!

The Steve Prescott Foundation’s latest challenge, the Cara Brickwork I'm a Precky Fan!!..............Get me out of Here!! in association with EDGE Travel Worldwide took place at the weekend raising an amazing £10k in the process.

The unique 48 hour challenge took place in a secret location near Burwardsley, West Cheshire.



12 intrepid volunteers including SPF General Manager Martin Blondel,  Allen Crawford of the St Helens Star and Paul Doward of the news team at Wish FM  subjected themselves to a Digital detox for 48 hours. The lucky participants braved the outdoors undertaking a series of challenges to test their individual and team mental resilience and their ability to adapt in a remote and austere environment.   The digital detox meant no watches, no smoking and no comfort items were allowed unless essential for health reasons. They lived off ration packs and Nettle Tea. They slept out in the woods with only a tarpaulin sheet for cover and the sound of wildlife as their night soundtrack.

They also undertook a series of extreme challenges based on a “I’m A Celebrity theme”. Under the guidance of Dave Pickles of Edge Worldwide Travel the contestants were subjected to a series of challenges including  the Tarzan swing, Eat to survive, Buried Alive, Hot or Cold, Solitary Confinement and Slippery when Wet!

Live video streaming on the SPF Facebook page allowed supporters to see for themselves the austere conditions of the contestants. The Bush tucker Trials in particular were truly gruesome. Items eaten included live insects, maggoty worms, and pigs eye balls!!

Activities included individual, pair and team challenges and competitions throughout the 48 hour period. 

The over night cold temperatures and sleep deprivation meant the mental tasks became even more difficult.

Listen to Paul Dowards interview on Wishfm Breakfast with Milow on 2nd May 2017

Participants pledged to raise a minimum of £750 for the SPF and to promote their experience on social media.

Donations can still be made at

Martin Blondel General Manager of the SPF and one of the participants said “We would like to thank the team of Cara Brickwork for their generous sponsorship of this tremendous event. Without the support of sponsors like Cara Brickwork events like this will not be able to take place and continue the astonishing name of Steve Prescott.”

‘’Sincere thanks to Dave Pickles of Edge Travel Worldwide for his support and provision of the challenges. Steve will be looking down on us laughing his head off.’’

‘’And massive thanks to Callum Hesketh for his fantastic filming and support throughout the weekend.’’

Kath Bell of i-lifetravel said. ‘It’s the toughest think I’ve ever done in my life but what an amazing experience.’’

‘’Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be telling stories of eating squids eye balls, raw belly pork or even having snakes crawl over me whilst laid in a whole in the ground.’’

Congratulations to everyone for completing the 48 hour  Challenge and for raising awareness and funds for the SPF. A medal and certificate of achievement was presented to all 12 participants by SPF Trustee Linzi Prescott.