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EODiwear®  sponsors the Spectrum Everest Base Camp Challenge

Dean Simpson of EODiwear® has been in touch with the Steve Prescott Foundation and has very kindly donated a bespoke pair of sunglasses for each of the 42 climbers who are taking part in the Spectrum Everest Base Camp Challenge which sets off in October.

The top quality sunglasses will provide essential eye protection for everyone. For anyone going walking or climbing at high altitude it's essential to wear good quality sunglasses or goggles because on mountains the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are easily underestimated, with a high risk of sunburn and ultimately skin cancer and eye cataracts. Because mountain air is cool, it gives a false sense of security about the sunlight. But the higher the altitude, the greater the ultraviolet (UV) radiation, because there is less atmosphere to screen out the harmful rays.

Originally supplying bespoke solutions to the Explosives community, EODiwear’s cutting edge ideas soon grew in popularity with members of Special Forces and Explosive Ordnance Disposal units. EODiwear® has now opened up some of these exciting products to the marketplace.

Dean said “I have been involved with worldwide Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Marine Salvage for many years in some very challenging conditions ranging from the heat and sand of the desert to the sub-zero white out of the arctic. I understand the needs of the professional and so teamed up with some of the industry's top designers to produce the EOD® range of sunglasses. I am sure you won't be disappointed".

 The party of climbers will set off on their fifteen day adventure on 13th October. Linzi and Taylor Prescott wife and elder son of Steve are taking part in the challenge. St Helens actor Michael Parr aka bad boy Ross Barton in ITV’s Emmerdale and legends of rugby league including Lee Briers, Barrie McDermott, Alan Hunte, Ade Gardner and Iestyn Harris are also signed up to the challenge.

Ade Cunliffe, Trustee of the SPF and Team Leader of the challenge said. ‘The SPF is extremely grateful to Dean and EODiwear for their incredibly generous donation. Health and safety is paramount when planning these challenges and top quality equipment is vital to ensure everyone has the best possible chance to complete the challenge. We will also look incredibly cool in our EODiwear sunglasses too’’.