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Ewan Dowes

Reason to "Race across Europe":

I played with Steve at Hull FC, when we heard the news of his diagnosis we were all devastated, he was such a popular guy and was a cult hero in Hull. I am so honoured to be representing Hull FC and Yorkshire on this challenge.

After playing professional sport for so long, when you are finished you struggle to find a fix or something that will challenge you both mentally and physically. Since I finished playing I have been searching for that fix and when the opportunity came up to participate in the RACE for the SPF, I jumped at the chance. To help raise money for a fantastic cause which is close to my heart and take part in one of the world’s toughest cycle events was impossible to turn down. I know the great man Steve would have loved to do this and it is certainly a fitting challenge to do in order to carry on his legacy.

What are you most looking forward to:

Working in a team again to achieve a number of common goals, 1. Generate as much awareness and raise as much money as possible for the SPF 2. The physical and mental challenge of the race, 3. The scenery won’t be too bad either.

What are you least looking forward to:

There is nothing I am not looking forward to, to reach the highs you have to go through the lows, looking at the terrain that’s what we are going to get.


 Previous SPF Experiences:

  •  Walk for Precky 2017