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Neil Prescott - 1st Team Member for Race Across Europe

Reason to "Race across Europe":

The Steve Prescott foundation has been very close to my heart since it was set up, the concept of this was for charities to receive the benefits of his Steve’s own fundraising activities.

Steve set up the Steve Prescott Foundation in 2007, which aimed to raise funds for the following organisations: The Christie, Rugby League Benevolent fund and the SPF Special Causes Fund. It is fantastic that the SPF continue to make a difference and help those less fortunate.

Steve went on to arrange a number of charity boxing tournaments and rugby league games. He has also took part in a series of extreme challenges, including running in the London Marathon and cycling from LEJOG while completing the National Three Peaks Challenge en route.

I remember Steve saying to me while we were training for what his last challenge the Race to the Grand Final,” have a go at a Triathlon he said you’ll be good at them” Having a long think about it i decided to sign up for a Triathlon, I thought if I’m going to do one I want to do the hardest so I signed up for The Bolton UK Ironman 2013.

Although I was new to the sport and couldn’t move my legs for (4) days after, I was hooked and (3) Ironman’s later with my time coming down every year it shows you that age is just a number and what the mind believes the body achieves.

I recently finished my Third Ironman Triathlon and even with a fall on the bike I still managed to finish 350 out of 2500, and I’m getting faster by the year.

Race across Europe shows that people can do a lot more than what they think they can do, Steve was an inspiration to everyone, my family and I are elated his legacy has grown from strength to strength. We all miss Steve so much but to see people do incredible events in his name and build on the foundations he laid, helps us cope with our loss.

Steve would have loved Race Across Europe, I am honoured to be part of the great team we have assembled. It is going to be tough, the hardest event I have tackled but as “our” Steve said “A Challenge isn’t a Challenge! unless it’s challenging.”

Please see my justgiving link below, every pound helps and is really appreciated by all.

What are you most looking forward to:

Taking on Mont Ventoux as it was a dream of Steve’s to complete

What are you least looking forward to:




Previous SPF Experiences:

  • 3 x Ironman
  • 7 x St Helens 10k Runs
  • 3 x St Helens Triathlon