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Statement of Intent to cure PMP

 Statement from The Intestinal Transplant Unit at the Transplant Centre: 


Stephen Prescott M.B.E, had battled Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), a tumour arising in his abdomen, for more than seven years after diagnosis. He underwent a life-saving modified multivisceral and abdominal wall transplant at the Oxford Transplant Centre. This was conducted by the intestinal transplant team led by Mr. Anil Vaidya, Professor Peter Friend, Mr Srikanth Reddy and Mr Henk Giele (plastic surgery).

Although this procedure has been done for other indications, it was a world first for anyone with PMP. Stephen underwent this operation safely however sadly succumbed to acute graft versus host disease. However, he had managed to defeat his tumour.


Through his bravery and challenge that he had set on to himself by being the first to undergo this procedure, Stephen has paved a way in to a field that may become beneficial for other sufferers of PMP.


We at the intestinal transplant unit at the Oxford Transplant Centre would like to further the efforts laid down by Steve to make transplantation an option for sufferers of PMP. An option, that was not there before Steve’s epic battle.


Thus, we envisage our further efforts to study the after effects of transplantation, including acute graft versus host disease, changes in tumour biology with concomitant immunosuppressive therapy and develop an algorithm that would help us select the right patient at the right time.


We would like to concentrate on developing the field of intestinal and multivisceral transplantation along with abdominal wall transplantation in patients suffering from PMP. This would be in collaboration with the Christie Hospital (Mark Saunders) and the Basingstoke hospital (Tom Cecil).