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Bethany Cammack

Age: 20

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: I like to challenge myself, people has this pr-perception of me that I don’t do anything apart from stand in front of a camera and smile , this is so not true , there is a lot more to me than that, I am just like anyone else I enjoy life, I don’t walk round with makeup on and fancy clothes , when I'm not working I don’t wear makeup and you will find me in my comfy clothes  I have ambition and I work very hard at what I do and to be able to do what I do , I have had lots knock back in my job which has only made me more determine. This would be a huge challenge for me but I like a challenge and I like to push myself

What are you most looking forward to: completing the challenge knowing that I achieved what I set out to do

What are you least looking forward to: The training but it’s something that will need to be done, I do train anyway but I realize I will have to up my game ! and the toilet facilities or lack off !