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Sarah Logan

Age: 29

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: Having recently found a new passion for walking, hiking and mountain climbing I have been researching climbing Kilimanjaro which I was going to fund myself with my best friend Laura Carter (also an applicant). However, for something so unbelievably immense, satisfying and tough I do not believe going alone would get the recognition it deserved and with that in mind it led me to the SPF.

Coming from a small town of Barrow-in-Furness we have a big culture for Ruby League and it is something close to my heart, I played ruby as a youngster and was brought up in a rugby environment. Steve Prescott's journey and his tragic but extremely inspiring story made wanting to represent the SPF an absolute must for me. I remember last year looking at Ade Gardiner, a close family friend's pictures from Mount Everest and I just thought, wow what an achievement for Ade especially with Ruby and St Helens so close to his heart. I want to feel that sense of achievement, I want to be proud and complete such a difficult challenge and say I represented The Steve Prescott Foundation, I raised money for a great cause and what a sense of achievement it was.

I am a vibrant, energetic person and I believe that I would make a great team member to help lift spirits and help push people through their most difficult minutes/hours/days of the climb.

What are you most looking forward to: Firstly the challenge of raising as much money as possible with the pressure of hitting that minimum 5K target. Getting the word out about PMP Cancer and raise more awareness.

I would also say feeling like i am part of such an incredible team whom are doing fantastic work for a great cause. Meeting new people from all walks of life, seeing a new part of the world and discovering a part of myself I am yet to see. I am looking forward to pushing myself to the limit and feeling a huge sense of achievement once I have finished the climb.

I would like to say I took part in a world record; I am a female world record holder for the highest ever game of football (although my football skills are nowhere near as good as my rugby skills.)

What are you least looking forward to: To define least looking forward to is fairly hard for me as it is such an amazing opportunity but like everyone it would be the general things such as tiredness, cold, rain HUNGER etc. But this is inevitable we are climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world there has to be some unpleasant aspects for gaining such a wonderful experience. I hate, hate, hate the thought of altitude sickness but again like it or lump it is my moto.