Donate with JustGiving

Donate with JustGiving

Martin Blondel

Reason for taking part: Over the past ten year's I have been the one behind the scene's organising events and watching remarkable inspirational people taking on incredible challenges.

These people were all inspired by a great man, my best man Steve Prescott MBE. I am truly honoured and privileged to get to know the most inspirational man the world has ever seen, he became my brother and there is not one single hour that i do not talk to him since he left us in 2013.

The Charity goes from strength to strength driven by his memory and his beautiful selfless family who want to continue his amazing legacy.

I personally know how the great work of the SPF is helping people, we are making a difference to so many people.

I have done a parachute jump and had all my hair removed for the SPF.

Im a Precky Fan is totally out of my comfort zone. It is going to be 48 hours of HELL. I am scared of anything that moves and don't like heights or dark enclosed places.

But i have no option, this is the time that i suffer and when i suffer you will all see it on Social Media. For my sufferance i sincerely hope that you will donate, my pain has to be worthwhile.