Netflights League At War
A Phenomonal Evening was had by all at the Netflights League at War Event that took place at Sutton High Leisure Centre St Helens on Saturday.
6 fiercely competitive fights were on the card with a highly entertaining exhibition bout.
First to get in the ring was Bernard Dwyer v Timmy Street. It was the perfect opening encounter, Bernard had obviously been doing a lot of sparring in his job at HM Hindley, this was clearly evident as he was picking off Timmy with his left jab, as soon as a jab connected the red mist descended on the Leigh legend and he waded in with brutal blows, Dwyer kept his cool to win by unanimous decision.
Local St Helens Lads Sean Casey & Carl Cooper squared up to put their 30 years rivalry to the test. Sean’s reputation as being a quick fire puncher was reaffirmed straight from the Bell, landing an array of punches squarely on Carl’s nose with plenty of Claret flowing, Carl did manage a few blows himself but Classius Casey was in a different league.
Kane & Abel, Ed & David Miliband, Paul & David March, no love was lost, both did not want to lose. They traded shots like they have done since birth. Paul was the more artful, David was more forceful. Nothing separated them both in the first two rounds but David clearly won the third that swayed Steve Prescott, Lee Radford & Danny Tickle into giving the verdict to David. The March brother’s father was clearly upset at the decision as he desperately wanted a draw.
The next bout at times it was like watching Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rick Flair wrestlers from the WWE. Mick Cassidy & Richard Fletcher slugged it out toe to toe for three rounds apart from when they both slipped and landed on top of each other. Richard tried to use his superior jab and boxing skills, Mick was so courageous and never took a backward step. The best fight of the evening created a Draw which was the right result.
Esene Faimalo once ranked the second best boxer in New Zealand took on Ian Pickavance. In the first round Esene landed a uppercut on Ian’s jaw that was straight out of the David Haye handbook. Ian wobbled, everyone fought it was going to be an early round stoppage. Ian hung on and started to use his superior reach advantage, throwing out his jab with great accuracy. Esene tired and ended up as target that was too big for Ian to miss. A great turn around. Ian won by unanimous decision.
The main bout, Two Natural Born Winners who have won everything in the game of Rugby League. Brian McDermott the former Marines champion, the class act. Paul Sculthorpe, the boxing enthusiast, who has been sparring for 6 months. Two very different approaches to boxing produced a clash that had the crowd wishing it was 12 rounds not three. Brian’s better ring knowledge proved the key. He was picking off Scully with ease in the first round, Scully could not get under the constant jab. The second round Scully was trying different angles to get close to Brian , but to no avail, in the third round he did get the crowd cheering with delight as he managed to pin Brian on the ropes but this was too late, the Leeds supremo was in a different class to the brave courageous Sculthorpe. Brian won the judges decision but there was no loser as in the previous bouts.
Herol Bomber Graham took on Richie Myler & Paul Wood, individually then together, they managed to land punches on the Bomber but he never winced as he minced his way around the ring. At one stage all three fell on the floor. Full credit to Richie & Paul who tried their best but it was Herol who produced the Boxing masterclass.
The Steve Prescott Foundation promised to transform the venue into a Boxing Arena, they did so with resounding success and the audience thought they were in Caesars Palace not Sutton High.
The SPF would like to thank everyone who took part in this fantastic night. There were so many people who all contributed to this spectacular evening but special praise to the Boxers and family for taking part. It is anticipated over £20,000 will be raised from the Evening.
Photographs kindly taken and supplied by Sean Keating. Visit for more pictures of the event
For those who could not attend but want to watch all the action there is a DVD cost of £11.99 including delivery which is available to order from the Steve Prescott Foundation website orders can be took now and delivery will be guaranteed for Christmas providing the perfect present. Please contact Martin Blondel 07971792859 for more details.