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Novice runner Jane Ball Inspired by Steve Prescott MBE to run Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon

Jane Ball, Senior Media Sales Executive at the St Helens Star is taking part in the Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon on Sunday 29th May just three years after taking up running. Jane will be accompanied by husband Adrian raising funds and awareness for the Steve Prescott Foundation and Willowbrook Hospice.

Jane takes up the story of how Precky inspired her to run and how it has changed her life. Jane’s own story is truly inspirational too. Please read her story.                        

“I am running the Liverpool full marathon on the 29th of this month for the Steve Prescott Foundation and Willowbrook Hospice. Willowbrook is very close to my heart as my Auntie June who was like a second mum to me passed away in Willowbrook at only 53 in 2012.”

“It was the Steve Prescott Foundation St Helens 10k run that got me into running that year 2012.  I had never run in my life.  My friend Anthony Burns had entered and had been busy train with his friend.  Two days before the run Anthony’s friend dropped out. Out of nowhere I said I will take his place!  What was I thinking!  I ran in a pair of rubbish trainers and a pair of top shop leggings (can you image lol).  I don’t think I did too bad considering! My time was 1hr 22 mins.  I loved every single minute.  I carried on with the running and got some new trainers and shorts. The next year 2013 I wanted to complete the run without walking or stopping, and I did it 1hr 11 mins running all the way up North Road without stopping!  Then that year I decided to run the Great North Run with some family and I loved every single minute of that not stopping or walking I finished in 2hrs 22 mins.  Then came the 2014 SPF St Helens 10k run this year I was made up but a bit gutted because I wanted under the hour I got 1hr 3 seconds!”

“In May 2015 myself and Adrian did the Liverpool half marathon. Again loved every minute and got an amazing time 1hr 54 mins.  I was over the moon.   Then for this year’s St Helens 10k run the pressure was on because I felt I had to do even better still!  Again I loved every minute and got 50 mins 53 seconds. I have definitely got the running bug!”

“I go out a least 3 or 4 times a week. I never run less than 6 miles and think nothing of going out and running 13 miles!  I run all around St Helens I have loads of routes put my music on and off I go!  Don’t get me wrong people say ‘oh it must be easy for you now’. Let me tell you it never gets easier. Every run hurts. it doesn’t get easier it just gets better!”

“I really have Steve Prescott to thank for all my running. Without him and the St Helens 10k run I really believe I would never have got into running.  When I am out running especially in this hot weather I think about what Steve said THE BODY ACHIEVES WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES.  I really hope this gets me through the marathon.  I get so worried and so nervous doing these runs but I think Steve achieved so much and my Auntie June went through so much surely I can run a marathon. 

“ I explain entering these runs to people like the feeling at the start line is like when you are in the queue waiting to go on a roller coaster,. You are scared to death but you know you are going to love it. Then when you get to the finish you want to do it all again.  I believe if I can run anybody out there can, and I urge anyone who wants to get fit and lose weight to give it a go!  I have lost 3 stone can you believe! I have attached a photo of myself on my very first Steve Prescott run and then this year’s St Helens 10k”

“I am busy getting as much sponsor money in as I can and busy get my last runs in before the big day!  Not fun in this heat haha!.”

Thank you so much Jane for sharing your lovely story. What an amazing journey you have had. It’s so good to know what an inspiration Steve Prescott is to you. Good luck to yourself and Adrian on the 29th.

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