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Suits you Sir

Darren Henderson has set himself a unique challenge for the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10k which takes place on Sunday 6th March 2016 from Langtree Park.

He plans to complete the 10k route in a Suit of Armour!! Darren is a regular participant of the St Helens 10k in different guises. Darren made his own 14th century knights outfit  which he wore for the 10k in 2013 and the next year came dressed as the Predator.

Darren told us,  ' I thought I would set myself the biggest challenge to date in a replica of 15th century plate armour. It weighs about 25lbs but needs padded armour underneath which is like running in a coat and pants made out of a quilt and its extremely hot. I know it sounds cheesy but its so true that the 10k is what it is because of Steve Prescott and what he achieved is an inspiration to so many.  When it gets hard on the run,  I think of the challenges that Steve set himself and it pushes you on. For me its about spreading that inspiration and determination to everyone else and for everyone to hopefully achieve more.'

Thanks Darren for your innovative way to 'run' the St Helens 10k. We are so proud that Precky has inspired you. Thank you for being part of the Million Pound Year. You might need some help going up North Road!