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Former Doncaster Rovers and York City Knights player, Craig, is preparing to embark on an epic challenge to raise funds awareness, for the Steve Prescott Foundation, Try Assist Benevolent Fund and McMillan Cancer Support. Forsyth has signed up to take part in two gruelling legs of the 2013/14 Clipper Yacht Race that will see him battle against the elements and some of the world’s most dangerous oceans.



Craig’s voyage will begin when he will join the boat on leg seven, which will be the tenth race. He and his crew will set off from the port of California and sail 3,329 miles on the Pacific Ocean before arriving in Panama 24 days later. From there, they will set off along the Panama Canal, before sailing through the blues waters of the Caribbean, which will then lead them to the Atlantic Ocean. This part of the race will cover 1,800 miles and they will reach their destination of New York in around 14 days. 

The unique event will celebrate its 15th anniversary since the race’s conception in 1996. The Clipper Race that is held every two years was the brain child of Sir Robert Knox–Johnston who was the first man to perform a single handed circumnavigation of the globe. His idea was to offer the chance for people from all walks of life to share the experience of sailing around the world.

 Craig said: “I have always wanted to do something like this and couldn’t think of a better charities to represent and raise funds and awareness for. I have been lucky in that I didn’t get many injuries while playing the rugby league, so I see this as a way of using my good fortune to help people who did. It is going to be a great experience, but at the same time a very difficult one. Once you are on the boat there is no turning back and I am determined to stick it out until the very end.”


 Craig, will share a 70 foot long racing yacht with 22 other crew members and will compete against 12 other boats in two of the race’s eight legs. Like a formula 1 Grand Prix season, points awarded will accumulate to a championship total from the 15 individual races that make up the eight legs. For those who are taking part in all eight legs, it will take around 11 months and 40.000 miles to complete the race around the world.

To keep up to date with Craig's fantastic challenge follow him on Twitter @ClipperCraig or click this link