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I'm a Precky Fan!!.... Get me out of Here!!

The Steve Prescott Foundation is delighted to announce details of the exciting extreme challenge I'm a Precky Fan!!..............Get me out of Here!! in association with EDGE Travel Worldwide.

The 48 hour challenge will take place in Burwardsley, West Cheshire starting at 1800 on Friday 28th April and finishing at 1800 on Sunday 30th April 2017.

There will be a wide range of activities (15 in total) that will be based on a “I’m A Celebrity theme”. Here are a few examples Tarzan swing, Eat to survive, Buried Alive, Hot or Cold, Solitary confinement and Slippery when wet!!

Do you know someone who likes an Extreme Challenge? Someone who will put their body on the line and go through Hell??  If so please register for I’m a Precky Fan!!........ Get me Out of Here!! by emailing

A total of 20 lucky participants will brave the outdoors undertaking a series of challenges to test their individual and team mental resilience and their ability to adapt in a remote and austere environment.  Activities will include individual, pair and team challenges and competitions throughout the 48 hour period.  The participants will be split into two camps: Red and Blue.

All contestants must approach this as a digital detox so no watches, no smoking allowed and no comfort items are allowed unless essential for health reasons. Mobile phones will only be allowed for event social media purposes at designated times. Toilets will be slit trenches away from any sleeping and eating areas which will also have privacy covering. On site medical support will be provided.

Individual Participant Requirements

  • Sign a pledge to raise a minimum of £750 for the Steve Prescott Foundation.
  • Must be on Social Media.
  • Must set up a JustGiving page linked to the SPF ‘I'm A Precky Fan’ Team Page.
  • May have company name on their clothing but must secure a minimum £100 donation per company

Corporate Entries are also available

  • Participant requirement as above PLUS
  • £500 donation from company as individual participant main sponsor.
  • The company will receive their branding on participant's clothing.
  • The company will have naming rights for one of the challenges.
  • The company will receive a banner for their challenge

The Closing Date for entries is Thursday 1st December 2016. Entrants will be chosen by the Steve Prescott Foundation Committee and Dave Pickles of EDGE Travel Worldwide

Other sponsorship Opportunities are available:-


Sponsorship to include:-

  • Company Logo on all clothing.
  • Title Rights - I'm A Precky Fan!!..............Get Me Out Of Here!!! In Association with  xxxx Sponsor.
  • Title Rights to be named on media correspondence.
  • Associate sponsor of the SPF. Logo on SPF website.

Challenge Sponsor - £300

Naming rights for one challenge.

All sponsors will get there brand awareness and banner for their challenge.

For further details contact