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Reason to “Kill the Hill”: An ambitious goal that needs to be satisfied, its a bucket lister - have wanted to achieve this climb for some while, plus I've wanted to raise money for charity also - this opportunity provides me with the chance to do both at the same time. I met Steve many moons ago whilst having a pint with my brother & friends (Neil Harmon) in St.Helens, never would I ever of imagined years later that I would be attempting the biggest challenge of my life to-date and raising money for Steve's charity - I am humbled and happy to be part of this wonderful adventure.

What are you most looking forward to: Getting there...1st climb...being part of a strong team...achieving something significant, absorbing a life enhancing experience and contributing to something that is both worthwhile and beneficial for others going forward.

What are you least looking forward to: Pre-training - Altitude sickness - Sleeping with Neil Harmon - Stood behind Neil in the breakfast queue...

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