This week we had the pleasure of presenting Graham Worsley Managing Director of GPW Recruitment with a celebratory plaque for their sponsorship of the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Run for the past five year’s with huge success.  With thousands of runners over the years battling North Road we cannot thank GPW and everyone involved for their relentless support.

The GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Run in association with The Steve Prescott Foundation has been phenomenal and we are sure this success and sponsorship will continue over the years. It has changed the lives of so many people and has raised hundreds of thousands pounds not just for the SPF but also for other great causes within the borough.

GPW as well as monetary support they offer expert advice on logistics and are involved in every step of the process. Special gratitude to Gary Ward & Jack Houghton for their unequivocal support.

We look forward to launching 2016 race in the very near future!