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Steve Hall - 2nd Team Member for Race Across Europe

Reason to "Race across Europe":

I love a challenge and this is going to be the toughest one I have ever faced.

The route and the countries we are tackling are going to be epic.

I never had the pleasure of playing along Steve, he was a few years older playing in the first team whilst I started off in the reserves. I admired his attacking style as a player, this was the same attitude off the pitch and the way he took on Cancer.

I was privileged to take on a lot of challenges with Steve, he inspired me to keep as fit as possible after I retired from Rugby League. The challenges gave me and other ex Rugby League players the opportunity to be back in a team and to help worthy causes.

I am indebted to Steve, he has left a legacy that I and my company CMH Cars are determined to continue.

What are you most looking forward to:

Raising as much funds as possible.

What are you least looking forward to:

Lack of Sleep!!!



Previous SPF Experiences:

  • Carnegie Challenge 2009
  • End to End Extreme 2010
  • Rowed the English Channel 2012
  • 48 Hour Race to the Grand Final 2012
  • 7 x St Helens 10k
  • 3 x St Helens Triathlon