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Race Horse named after Rugby League legend Steve Prescott

The Steve Prescott Foundation is extremely proud to announce that the name Steve Prescott has been approved to be used by Dr Marwan Koukash for one of his two year old race horses.

Dr Koukash said ‘I am really honoured to be given the opportunity of naming one of my horses after the legend of rugby league, Steve Prescott. I am hoping this will help spread his legacy into the world of horse racing and help in promoting the Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF). I am also hoping this brings some happiness to Steve's family and in particular his wife and children.

To celebrate this unique occasion there will be a specially arranged Pre Race Canter at Haydock Park on Thursday 12th June. The horse will be introduced to the Prescott Family, the SPF Committee & SPF Ambassadors. Trainer Richard Fahey rates the horse very highly. It is intended for Steve Prescott the horse to make its race debut on Saturday 21st June at the Haydock Park Live Music at the Races evening.

Dr Koukash has kindly agreed that any prize money from the race will go to the SPF.

Haydock Park have graciously allowed the SPF to host a bucket collection on the evening with the support of St Helens Angels.

Martin Blondel, the General Manager of the Steve Prescott Foundation said: “This is a remarkable gesture from Dr Marwan Koukash. We are all looking forward to meeting the equine Steve Prescott. If the horse has 10% of Steve's drive and determination it will be a winner. Marwan transcends sports and that is exactly what the SPF are trying to do; spread the word of the great man and inspire those less fortunate to overcome adversity. This is a testament to how Steve touched everyone in Rugby League, I am sure the RL Community will get totally behind the horse."

Garry Fortune, General Manager, Haydock Park Racecourse, said: “I’m thrilled and honoured to support such a wonderful charity, and I’m delighted that Marwan has decided to run Steve Prescott at Haydock Park on the 21st June. Being a local lad I’m extremely keen to support The Steve Prescott Foundation in any way I can, and will continue to do so whenever called upon. I sincerely hope Steve’s wife and family have a wonderful day with us.”