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Mark Bell

Age: 44

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: On Xmas Day 2017, I lost my dad to lung cancer. He was diagnosed 4 years previous and fought so hard, having most of his lung removed, but it beat him in the end. My best friend’s dad passed away from pancreatic cancer too, so I’ve wanted to do something for a while in their memory. Furthermore, five years ago my inspiration and my biggest supporter, my MUM died suddenly. I never got a chance to say goodbye and have been a bit lost ever since, going through life with no real focus or ambition. My mum always pushed and encouraged me to set myself goals and targets, so she would be so proud of me for pushing myself to do this. I am also an amateur rugby league player and Hull FC supporter. I admired Steve as a player and found him inspirational after he was diagnosed, setting up this wonderful Foundation, challenging himself gruelling challenges whilst undergoing treatment and raising vital funds and awareness for The Christie Hospital and Rugby Benevolent Fund. For this reason, I want to carry on his legacy. I want to raise money and awareness for SPF whilst making my daughters’ and my mum and dad proud and hopefully I’ll inspire others along the way. In memory of all those that have lost loved ones to cancer.

What are you most looking forward to: To challenging myself both physically and mentally and proving the critics wrong (my mates). To being part of a team and the camaraderie that this brings and hopefully come away with friends for life. To the amazing views that we will witness and the memories that we will make, but most of all to the unknown part of the trip. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity which is on my bucket list.

What are you least looking forward to: ALTITUDE SICKNESS!! For anyone that knows me, knows that I don’t like parting with anything! I’ll also miss my two girls Chloe and Lily but I want to make them proud and make them realise that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

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Interesting/Amusing fact about you: I am scared to death of pretty much everything that crawls!!