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Martine Jarman

Age: 43

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: I’m always up for a challenge and Everest base camp trek has been an ambition of mine to fulfil for a long time so I persuaded Hayley Russsell to do it for a second time and take me with her!

What are you most looking forward to: I can’t wait to start the journey with my fellow team of SPF trekkers and experience the jaw dropping scenery along the way for which I will share many memories with. I’m also looking to successfully completing the challenge and drinking a few beers to celebrate our accomplishment.

What are you least looking forward to: The stories I hear about landing at Lukla airstrip fills me with dread! When on the mountain I know the cold will affect me so I’m not looking forward to feeling freezing cold during the night.

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Interesting/Amusing fact about you: As a seasoned traveller, I spent 18mths traveling around the globe early and still enjoy visiting far away places, Japan being a recent favourite where I climbed Fuji (the lack of oxygen was truly exhilarating)! I also enjoy fire poi dancing and have performed the Pyramid stage!