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Dan Hodges

Age: 26

Reason to “Kill the Hill”: As well as wanting to help continue and support the great man’s legacy, I have set myself a lil’ bucket list to see and experience all 7 of the world’s natural wonders, having already boxed off The Great Barrier Reef earlier this year, the next one to tick off, is Everest!

What are you most looking forward to: The challenge and sense of achievement upon completing said challenge as a team!

What are you least looking forward to: Not having any alcohol for over 2 week! That, and seeing Legger’s big, daft ‘Marv from Home Alone’ hairdo every day for 16 days!

JustGiving Page:

Twitter Page: @HodgeEndOf

Instagram Page: @hodge.end.of

Interesting/Amusing fact about you: I know all the words to ‘Meat Loaf – A Bat Out Of Hell’ on karaoke without looking at the words… NOT EVEN ONCE!