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40 miles in less than 24 hours over the North Yorkshire moors from Scarth Wood Moor, Osmotherley, across the North Yorkshire Moors, ending on the North Sea coast at Ravenscar.


After the first challenge of the Wolds Way in 2014 each year Jill Smithson wants to attempt to organise a challenge for herself (and anyone else who wishes to join in!!) in order to raise money and awareness for the Steve Prescott Foundation. This year is the Lyke Wake walk and the following are the people that will be taking part:

Jill Smithson. Aged 45 (on the right)

Steve was an inspiration and quite simply what’s life without a challenge however big or small it may seem! I hope that I can help others to rise to the challenge to continue the amazing work that Steve Prescott carried out and I am honoured to walk in his charity’s name.

Mike Smithson. Aged 47.

This is a personal challenge of walking a distance that great. Plus the missus (Jill Smithson) made me do it!! Honestly though, I’m doing my best to support the SPF by supporting my wife in an endeavour and charity that she is passionate about.

Jade Thompson. Aged 25

I wanted to take part in this challenge walk as I wanted to do just that, challenge myself. I am walking for two of the most admirable men in my life, one being my grandad whom we lost to cancer two years ago and the other being my amazing fiance Mark who is living with Cystic Fibrosis. By doing this walk I can help raise money for the fantastic Steve Prescott Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Without these charities and the people who put in so much hard work we wouldn’t have all the brilliant support and research which we have achieved today. The biggest challenge I will face taking part in this walk is being prepared for what is to come. I have never done anything quite this big before so I’m nervous about getting enough training. The hardest part of all though is having the people I love the most go through something I can’t take away. So this is for them. I hope I make them proud.

Dawn Kynman. Aged 45.

I wanted to take part in the challenge after losing my lovely dad to cancer two years ago in June. The biggest challenge for me will be fitting in the training and preparing for the challenge. My four legged companion Sam is nearly 11 years old now and can't walk the distances anymore, so I'm depending on my trusty iPod for company, Jill Smithson's well organised walking group when it start up again after being in hibernation for the winter and my spin classes at the gym to get me fit for starters. As well as my doggie walks, walking or biking to and from work and leaving the car at home as much as possible!

Mike Atkinson. Aged 47

What a great cause. Doing my first walking challenge- 40 miles in 24 hours! The Lyke Wake Walk. For a great man Steve Prescott, who cycled, walked, swam and rowed for charity. I am proud to be a part of something that he started.

Lynne Slade. Aged 47 (on the left)

I’m doing the walk because the foundation is close to my heart as my sis passed away from stomach cancer and she was a huge fan of Steve Prescott so its a fitting tribute to them both. I think the biggest challenge for me will be the weather!! Hoping for dry but not too warm conditions after the Wolds Way in the driving rain last year for the SPF.

Ashley Holmes. Aged 30

I am happy to raise money for a good charity I feel as though I need this kind of challenge as it’s been a while since I last did such a long walk! I'm really looking forward to it as it’s a fantastic charity. I have made it a mission to do more work and fundraising for charity as it’s good to give.


We would all like to thank Foxy Rentals who have kindly donated a mini bus and driver (Simon Hewick, Manager) to transport and act as support vehicle for the walkers.