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Arighi Bianchi Everest Challenge – June 13th and 14th 2015

This exciting challenge is for a maximum of 80 cyclists, to cycle from the Arighi Bianchi car park in Macclesfield up to the Cat & Fiddle car park and return to the Arighi Bianchi car park 24 times.

Using an estimate that the average cyclist would take 70 minutes per loop (there and back) the event will involve 28 hours of cycling over a total of 38 hours, allowing for 10 hours rest in a nearby hotel.

After due diligence we have decided to open this challenge up to Tag Teams – Therefore you and a partner can tackle “Everest” and alternate your assault on the Cat & Fiddle summit. The Tag Team will be two people.

This will be tough challenge in true Steve Prescott Foundation style. As a comparison with the 2014 Tour De Yorkshire which was 225 miles over 2 days equivalent to approximately 19,000 feet of climbing. The Cat and Fiddle Challenge is 336 miles over 2 days equivalent to approximately 29,000 feet of climbing.

The above information puts this challenge into perspective!!!! However, I guess “a challenge is not a challenge unless it’s challenging”!

The Main Sponsor for the event Arighi Bianchi will provide the use of half of their car park for the event and provide food for the cyclists and support staff on both days:

  • 08.00 to 10.30 Bacon / Sausage sandwiches
  • 12.30 to 14.00 Soup & baguette (ham, beef & cheese salad etc.)
  • 18.00 to 20.00 Pasta (bolognaise, chicken & chorizo or similar)

Event Details

The height of Mount Everest is 29,000 feet. Each run up the Cat & Fiddle involves 1,240 feet of accent. 24 runs up & down the Cat & Fiddle will cover this height and slightly more. Therefore the event would be set out as follows

  • Saturday 13th June. Day 1. 168 miles & 14,880 feet of climbing, at least 12 runs to be completed by 20.00
  • Sunday 14th June. Day 2. 168 miles & 14,880 feet of climbing, remaining runs must be completed by 20.00

There will be 2 cycle mechanics on the route, and spares provided by Pinarello Cycles will be available on a sale or return basis: ie. Tyres, Inner tubes and plenty of spare brake blocks

The Arighi Bianchi first entrance Car Park will be used as the primary base. This will comprise of Event Control, Bike Maintenance, Masseurs and a food station.


On registering for the event all participants must pay £100 to cover the costs.

Each Individual participant must then agree via a formal agreement to raise a minimum of £400.00

Tag Team participants must agree to raise a minimum of £500 per team.

The Steve Prescott Foundation will provide:

  • A cycling shirt and training vest for each participant.
  • Hotel accommodation for Friday & Saturday night

Arighi Bianchi will provide food as listed above.

Hotel Acomodation

The Travelodge directly opposite Arighi Bianchi can cater for 80 cyclists.

However most of the rooms are doubles. People who register first and who pay the £100 deposit will get the choice of the twin rooms available.

If a single room is required these may be available with a £60 supplement.

To enter the Arighi Bianchi Everest Challenge please email

The £100 deposit can be made by donating to the Steve Prescott Just Giving page.