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Owen Cotterill

Age: 36

Reason you are tackling the Journey of Leagues Extraordinary Gents: I've been inspired by Jimmy ever since first meeting him through State of Mind and making a film about him last year. I also love physical endurance challenges. In 2011 I ran 214 miles between Super League stadiums from Wrexham to Hull for State of Mind. It was a lonely challenge and it pushed me to the limit but I loved it! The Journey appealed to me because it's for a fantastic cause, it gets me back out there on a tough physical and mental challenge and Jimmy's an inspirational leader!

What are you most looking forward to: I think I'm most looking forward to the team dynamic, the camaraderie and using my upper body for the first time in 36 years!

What are you least looking forward to: The lack of personal hygiene on display, sleeping in close proximity to 10 other men in a tent for nearly a week, and the pain, definitely the pain.